1 x 10mg Melanotan II Nasal Tanning Spray

1 x 10mg Melanotan II Vial
1 x Nasal Spray
1 x 5ml Sterile Water
1 x Syringe (For Mixing The Product)
1 x Alco Wipes

This item will be delivered unmixed to guarantee its quality, To have it pre-mixed please contact us.

Instructions On How To Mix

1.Take the Yellow lid of the Melanotan vial

2.Wipe the top of the vial with the sterile wipe

3. Open the sterile water and fill the syringe to the max

4. Inject the water slowly into the centre of the Melanotan vial

5. After the vial is filled to the top, syringe the mix out and add it to the nasal spray along with any excess water that wasn’t able to fit in the vial

(Do not shake vial) - Store in fridge if possible

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